A passion that has been passed down through six generations, with a gaze firmly fixed on the European styles that have written the history of furniture and which are still today a source of renewed inspiration. This is Colombo Mobili.

A family of furniture-makers from Meda, a land where crafting wood has reached the highest possible levels of quality and good taste.

Colombo Mobili combines tradition, experience and manual skills with an efficient and modern organisation, which has allowed the company to grow and expand to become one of the most prestigious makers of classic furniture.

Colombo U.S.A. Inc was formed in 1980 for the purpose of marketing the Colombo Mobili production range in the USA.

Colombo Mobili s.r.l.

Address: Via Verdi, 23
Town/City: 20821 Meda (MI)
Telephone: +39 0362 340 572/3/4
Fax: +39 0362 340 580
Link: www.colombomobili.com